What sparked my practice was my hobbies in hardware hacking and electronic music. As I began to reflect on these hobbies, my interests centered over how the materials I was using interacted with my thinking. The reoccurring puzzle of my practice is the tension between electromagnetism articulated as a theoretical concept and the law of attraction that brings the idea and imagination itself into being. 

My way into making artwork about these ideas have come out of some particularly transformative moments. One of which is a residency at Wysing arts centre in 2017 where we shared theories and workshops about the topic of the voice. Secondly an ongoing involvement in the Noematic Collective, dedicated exploring how we can understand place, environments and social impacts through sound. These involvements have developed my taste for immaterial forces, beliefs, theories and superstitions characterised by a specific time or place. I find that these ideas bleed into other areas and ideas over history this can be theoretically or materially, for example, the Victorian concept of the Aether, negative ions or the disembodied voice. This research demands mediums like performance sound or video to activate objects and places by channeling a particular imaginative framework. 

The experience I want to produce for an audience is one that oscillates between function and feeling, information and interpolation. I’m concerned with the feeling associated with encountering the oscillating thought that I suspect an artwork can implement. My objective for art is to unpack what Erik Davis calls the ‘electromagnetic imaginary’ that is the ‘mythic, animistic, and just plain weird cultural dimensions of electricity and electromagnetism’. In doing this, my work aims to recall the meaning of this dimension of electricity and electromagnetism in how it sounds, acts and the ways it acts in people.





2015 - 2018 BA (Hons) Fine Art degree at Arts University Bournemouth

2014 - 2015 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Oxford Brookes 



2018 - Steamy Yum Yum at 

2018 - (ongoing) 'The Dominant Eye' Podcast Series at Bold Tendencies  multi-story car park in Peckham 

2018 - 'HAUS' Group Show at Free Range Truman Brewery, London

2018- GB8NOE a Noematic Collective response to Susan Philipz 'A Single Voice' at Baltic and Baltic 39 in Newcastle

2018 - Thoughtloop at 'Eviction Notice' Group Show at a to be evicted at in Winton
2017 - The body snatcher at 'POWERPLAY' Group show at 60 Million Postcards in Bournemouth
2017 - COBRAGRAM 'Print! Performance!' Group Show in BUMF gallery at Arts University Bournemouth 

2017 - Bad Vibe at 'McArt' Group Exhibition in Winton and at and BUMF gallery at Arts University Bournemouth 

2017 - Vacillator at 'Noematic Collective' Group Show at the CRAB drawing studio at AUB
2017 - Your Stars are Crossed at 'INSIGHT' Group exhibition at the Radcliffe Science Library in Oxford 

2016 - Rythmachine at ‘Rhythm’ Pop-up exhibition at Factory Studios in Boscombe
2016 - 
Oscillogs at ‘Agrandissement bazaar’ First-year show at Arts University Bournemouth
2015 - 
wunderdesk at ‘OVADA’ Group exhibition in Oxford 



2018 - Sonic Workshops at Bold Tendencies in Peckham



2018- Sound poetry workshop with Kyoto Japanese exchange students

2018 - Electronic sound and hardware hacking workshop at Arts University Bournemouth 
2017 - Residency run by Emily Rosamond at Wysing Arts Centre
2017 - Listening and recording workshop at ‘The Sound of Memory Symposium: Sound-track/Sound-scape'

2017 - Assistant technician for Ray Lee's touring installation 'Ring Out'
2016 - Respondent for ‘Tensegrity’ Symposium at Tenderpixel, London
2014 - Assistant Curator of ‘Home’ project as part of Oxford Photography Fest 



Photoshop - competent
Illustrator- competent
Premiere- competent
Electronics- experience with soldering 

Competent with Sound recording equipment, and contact microphones Photography
Printmaking- Lino, Etching, Monoprint, Collagraph
Driving Licence 

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